What is this site?

I am Zac Fillmore, also known as Flag of Ulysses, and on this site I will be aggregating information on things I am interested in, as well as writing some posts on anything I feel is noteworthy. This project started as a way to get all of the content that I enjoy in one place, but I then realized that others with similar interests may be looking for the same thing. My goal is to help people with similar interests find interesting articles and creators that they previously did not know.

If you are interested in video games, Esports, movies, anime, comic books, fantasy, or most other forms of entertainment feel free to subscribe and get all of the things I find interesting all in one place! If you like any of the posts make sure to click the link and show the authors some love as well!

If you are the creator of some of the content that I have linked to and would like to have your content removed from this project, email me at flagofulysses@gmail.com and I will remove everything ASAP. Similarly, if you produce content that fits with the interests that I post here, send me an email and I will review. If it is a good fit, I will add all of your content to the site as well.

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