An Update About the Site | Flag of Ulysses

After some feedback from one of the creators that I have featured, I will be making a few changes to the site going forward. In an effort to be transparent with anyone that this may concern, I have elected to write this post. The changes include:

  • I have changed the settings on the way that the posts are being selected from my favorite sites. There was an issue with the plugin settings that was posting the entirety of articles, so I have now fixed it (hopefully) but also will be manually reviewing all of these posts to ensure I am not stepping on any toes. My goal in this project is not to steal others content, but instead to make finding the content I like easier. I will also be continuing to link to author’s article page under the excerpt.
  • I will now be adding a “| Author Name or Website” to all titles of my posts. Again, I do not want it to seem like I am stealing content or impersonating the author, so I hope this will be a step in the correct direction.

As always, my email is and I would be happy to remove/change any content that the creator does not want featured here. I hope these changes will help the site move in the direction that I am aiming for, and also provide a bit more clarity on who the author is so readers can easily continue reading the content I enjoy.

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