Batman #79 Delivers Another Beautiful Bat/Cat Love Story | IGN

Fans of Batman and Catwoman’s romance have plenty to be thankful for right now. Even though that romance collapsed due to the tragic events of Batman #50, it’s on the rebound as writer Tom King builds toward next year’s Batman/Catwoman series. And if these most recent two issues are any indication, fans are in for a real treat in 2020.

Batman #79 continues the “City of Bane” interlude story from the previous issue, as Bruce and Selina carry out a clandestine mission designed to weaken Bane’s stranglehold on Gotham City and pave the way for Batman’s triumphant return. Along the way, there’s a whole lot more Bat-beefcake for your viewing pleasure, along with a definitive answer to one of the series’ longest-running mysteries. All in all, a pretty eventful issue for being a “mere” side-story.

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