Mutant Soap Opera Mutazione Tells a Tale About What it Means to Live Together, Out Today | PS Blog

I’m Hannah Nicklin, Writer and Narrative Designer at Die Gute Fabrik. Earlier this year we were delighted to announce to you via our GDC Teaser Trailer, and to release some exclusive garden gameplay footage. Today, I’m delighted to tell you that the game is now live… and with a launch discount of 10%!

Mutant Soap Opera

In Mutazione you play as Kai as she travels to the strange and secretive community of Mutazione to visit her ailing Grandfather, Nonno. There’s lots you can do each day: explore your way through an in-game week of small-town drama and scenic hangout spots, engage with the magical musical gardening mechanic… But today we wanted to give you a little insight into the wonderful cast of characters!

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