YouTube’s Treatment of Creators is Absurd | Flag of Ulysses

I am not a YouTuber, and other than brief attempt at a gaming channel in high school I have always looked at YouTube through a viewer’s eyes. Even so, I recognize that the way that YouTube creators are treated is insane.

YouTube’s Tweet

I understand that in the eyes of some verification can be taken as an endorsement of the creators, and I understand why a company would want to avoid that misconception. If a verified account makes racist, sexist, or otherwise unwelcome content it can look bad for the company. Stripping growing channels of their verified status can open up a different set of problems however.

At the risk of pulling back the curtain and revealing a tin foil hat, my main concern is that this will harm smaller and independent content creators and benefit larger creators. I can assure you that Will Smith and Jimmy Kimmel will be verified after this happens, but many of the smaller channels that are currently verified will lose their status. This will not only open them up to having to deal with impersonators taking advantage of the lack of verification, but also will likely effect the page ranking of their content in search.

I just want YouTube to be about the creators that I love and want to support. The trending page is already a cesspool of corporate marketing and celebrity pandering, and this move is further pushing the rest of the platform down that road. I stand with the creators, not the corporation.

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