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I don’t think it’s a stretch to say hardly anyone used the 3D functionality built into the Nintendo 3DS; Nintendo removing it from the 2DS iteration made sense. But I also believe people frequently use their Nintendo Switch both as a handheld and TV-docked console – which makes removing the TV functionality from the Switch Lite seem like a mistake. It isn’t. Nintendo is effectively taking the “switch” functionality out of the Switch with this handheld-only offering, and that’s perfectly fine. If you want a home console to play on your TV, the standard Switch model is still being sold. If you are primarily interested in the handheld functionality, you now have a considerably cheaper model to choose from.

The Switch Lite retails for $199 (a huge $100 cut over the standard Switch model), and the lower price reflects a number of sizable cuts from the device’s performance. The unit is slightly smaller, with a 5.5-inch LCD screen over the original machine’s 6.2-inch screen. The Switch Lite is also a little lighter at .6 pounds opposed to .87 pounds, but you likely won’t feel much of a difference. This handheld-only option also doesn’t have a motion camera, HD rumble, and the joy-cons cannot be removed. On the original Switch, I periodically ran into issues with one of my joy-cons detaching while in handheld mode. That’ll never happen here, but not being able to remove them does render a number of games somewhat unplayable.

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