Amazon Prime Now Includes Free Mobile Game Content | IGN

Amazon has announced that its Prime Members will now be receiving Mobile Game Benefits in games from “top mobile game publishers,” and exclusive in-game content for PUBG Mobile will be the first of many gifts available.

PUBG Mobile players who are also Amazon Prime Members are now able to claim the exclusive stealthy Infiltrator Mask, and will soon also be able to add the Infiltrator Jacket, Infiltrator Pants, Infiltrator Shoes, the brand-new Blood Oath – Karabiner 98K, and the Black Magma Parachute.

“We’ve long been committed to making Prime the best deal in games, with great content for PC and console games from Twitch Prime, and now we’re offering our members even more value, with new mobile game benefits,” said Ethan Evans, VP, Twitch Prime. “Now, no matter what platform you play on—whether console, PC, or mobile—there are Prime game benefits for you. We’re starting with exclusive content for PUBG MOBILE one of the biggest mobile games in the world, and in the coming months, we’ll roll out benefits for some of the most popular mobile games across many favorite genres.”

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