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One of my buddies and I make a habit of stopping by GameStop, Barnes and Noble, Hot Topic, Best Buy, and Target to search for collectibles to add to our collections. We typically go on average around once a month, and generally find some cool stuff (up until recently it has been mainly Funko Pops).

My collection had been growing rapidly since I graduated from high school. By the time I graduated from college I had over 150 Funko Pops, a huge collection of autographed baseball cards, prints that I had gotten at cons, several collectible statutes from series like Batman or various anime, and a huge library of movies, books, comic books, and manga.

I moved back home to California after college, and while I was saving up to get a place of my own I moved in with my parents. For the time being my collection of all of my treasures lived in my parents garage in Paradise, CA. And then November 8th, 2018 happened.

The Fire

On that morning I woke up and noticed that something was off, as the sky was orange at almost 8 am. We found out that there was a fire burning nearby, so my girlfriend decided to not go to her classes at CSUC that day and I called my dad to see what was going on. We had been notified that there was a potential evacuation, so I headed home to back up some stuff just in case.

As I was packing up some stuff I heard “booms” off in the distance, but I was not too concerned. I got a call from my girlfriend asking if I could bring a cat carrier since she didn’t have one for her cat at her house. I threw the essentials in the car and planned to come back for the most valuable stuff in my collection.

As I drove to her house (she only lived about 5 minutes away) I noticed it was getting very smoky. And then after about a block I saw it. A few houses and trees were already on fire in my neighborhood. Flames were all around, and it was spreading quick, so I helped my girlfriend pack up her cat and we left.

That day was a harrowing experience, but that is not the purpose of this post. My family and friends all made it out safe, but my home and almost everything I owned was destroyed in the Camp Fire, which is the deadliest and most destructive in California history.

The Future

After the fire I had almost no desire to collect anything any longer. I had been building my collection for almost as long as I can remember. Now that everything was gone I didn’t want to replace it, and adding new stuff just didn’t feel right.

Almost a year has passed since then, and I have slowly started to buy some more stuff for my collection. I don’t have as much space to store stuff as I once did so my collection will not be as large, but I wanted to replace that bit of normalcy.

I am planning on posting the notable items that I get in this series so I can share my collection of geeky stuff with everyone as it grows. So if you are interested in that stay tuned!

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