Review: Mario Kart Tour – Steer Around The Gacha For A Fun, Free Take On The Series | Nintendo Life

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It’s fair to say that Nintendo’s forays into mobile gaming have been a bit of a mixed bag, partly because none of its fans can really agree on which of its efforts have struck the best balance between fun and funds. Originally reluctant to even get into mobile gaming in the first place, Nintendo has struggled to settle on a monetisation method that hasn’t annoyed at least someone.

Super Mario Run’s ‘one single payment to unlock everything’ idea wasn’t as successful as Nintendo had hoped. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp started well, but then added expensive fortune cookies and gardening tasks that were nearly impossible without spending money. Dr. Mario World’s energy system makes playing in small bursts a necessity for solo players (though the multiplayer is fantastic), and some were uncomfortable sharing their information in Miitomo (RIP) in general. And so on, and so forth.

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