Minecraft’s Nether Update Adds New Biomes, Piglin Beasts and Mobs | IGN

Minecraft’s next major game update is called the Nether Update and will add “new biomes, mobs, structures, blocks and visual effects to the Nether to enhance its unique and scary atmosphere.”

Revealed during MINECON Live, the Nether Update will add the new Target block that acts as a projectile hit-detector and the Soulsand Valley and Netherwart Forest biomes.

Also introduced were the Piglin Beasts and Piglin mobs that bring a brand new civilization to the Minecraft universe. The name Piglin may be a temporary one, however, as fans can now vote on a new name.

In addition to the Nether Update, it was also revealed that Bees, Beehives, and the Honey Block will arrive in both Bedrock and Java versions of Minecraft before the holidays.

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