If You Didn’t Think WWE Could Screw Up Bray Wyatt vs. Seth Rollins, You Were Wrong | IGN

WWE’s Hell in a Cell PPV comes to us at the tail end of one of the biggest weeks in wrestling history, to the point where it feels almost like an afterthought.

Yes, up until a few hours ago, when half of the card was announced on WWE NOW Live, there were only four matches officially booked for the show – and one of those was just booked Friday night, after SmackDown’s debut on FOX! There aren’t even any actual match graphics done up for half the show. It’s a strange occurrence indeed, this event being caught between SmackDown’s big shift to a major network AND the main roster draft that starts next Friday.

To be honest though, I’d have been more than okay with a four match PPV. We’ve all watched, in the very least, nine hours of wrestling this week already. Give us a two hour show. We’d be forever grateful.

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