Six sick sects: The most unholy games of 2019 | Destructoid

Halloween is a weird one. Once considered a Pagan holiday that celebrated the connection between the world of the living and the dark worlds of hell, it’s morphed into a celebration of being benignly “bad” in a variety of ways. If being holy means “following the rules of religion,” then this is the day to break all those rules. Pull tricks. Be a monster. Eat all the candy. Dress up like sexy Toad. That all might feel sinful on a normal day, but on Halloween, it’s A-OK. In fact, it’s encouraged.
There were at least six games in 2019 that similarly defied traditional Godly sensibilities and now seems like the perfect time to talk about them. Quite a few of them went largely unnoticed upon release, so you may even stumble upon a few surprises. So if you’re looking to celebrate Halloween with a new game or two, you may be in for a treat. 

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