BioWare’s revealing Dragon Age 4 in one month (or this is all a stupid, cruel trick) | Destructoid

BioWare is akin to a man caught in a torrential downpour without an umbrella, but with a big goofy smile plastered to his face because sunny days might be ahead. By the most lenient estimate, the rainstorm has lasted nearly three years; by harsher standards, it’s more like eight years.
Through the decade, BioWare has suffered: Enormous blowback to the end of Shepard’s arc in Mass Effect 3; a divisive reception to Dragon Age: Inquisition; the cancellation of Shadow Realms; a new Mass Effect that was so universally hated that it forced EA to put the series on indefinite hiatus; and an attempt at a Destiny-like games-as-a-service product in Anthem, which saw its player base plummet to depressingly low numbers mere months after launch. All the while, BioWare has been outwardly optimistic about the future of everything — Mass Effect, Anthem, all of it — despite not giving us any real reason to be optimistic about any of it.
It seems as though the next opportunity for BioWare to correct course will be revealed in a month. Earlier today, BioWare tweeted this:

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