Google Stadia vs. Latency: How it Works | IGN

The idea of a console/PC-quality video game without the console or PC needing to be involved is a strange one for some gamers (I’m counting myself in this) to wrap our heads around. But if anyone can do it, it’ll be Google, arguably the most technologically powerful company on the planet. Enter Google Stadia, which will stream console-quality games to your smartphone, tablet, or Chromecast TV dongle by leveraging the power of Google’s cloud-based server power.

We visited Google’s Mountain View, California-based headquarters to talk to Stadia VP of Engineering Majd Bakar about exactly how the service works. Take a look at the video above to learn all about it, including how Google is taking the fight to its primary foe: latency. And don’t miss the video below for more on what you need to know ahead of Stadia’s November 19 launch.

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