Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time vanishes from EU storefronts | Destructoid

Bandai Namco’s anime RPG Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time seems to be going through something of a digital de-listing, as the game is quietly being pulled from various territories, 18 months after its initial western release.The adventures of Akko, Sucy and Lotte can no longer be found on the EU PSN or Steam dashboards, the latter replacing its purchase page with a message reading “At the request of the publisher, Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time is no longer available for sale on Steam”. Although no official word has been given for the vanishing act, the 18-month time-frame suggests a possible licence expiration.While Little Witch Academia is a smart anime series, Chamber of Time was a very poor adaptation. While it captured the character and spirit of the mystical show perfectly, it was a crushing bore of a video game, with exhausting side-quests, a wildly confusing map, and frustratingly broken combat. The LWA brand is perfectly suited to video game escapades, so here’s hoping that Akko and pals one day get the adventure they deserve.
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