Overwatch 2 Hands-On Impressions: PvE, Push PvP, and The New Graphics | IGN

Overwatch 2 is an upcoming sequel to Blizzard’s popular 2015 shooter, albeit an unconventional one. The follow-up will introduce new modes, maps, heroes, and most importantly, story, to the world of Overwatch. And IGN was able to try both the new PvE and PvP mode at Blizzcon this year.

Before diving into the story focused PvE mode and the new “Push” PvP mode from IGN’s Overwatch 2 demo at Blizzcon, it’s important to clarify Overwatch 2’s deal. Overwatch 2 is a sequel that will push the world of Overwatch forward through the story, and that’s exclusive to Overwatch 2. But other updates like new modes, maps, and heroes will also be coming to Overwatch 1 for free.

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