Review: Xeno Crisis – An Old-School Twin-Stick Shooter Which Supplies A Stern Test | Nintendo Life

Standup fight or just another bug hunt?

The twin-stick shooter – originating in games such Robotron: 2084 – has proved to be a perennially popular genre. The fundamentals remain the same, generally, even when the themes differ and gameplay elements are layered on; players must clear a single screen of enemy waves before moving on to the next, controlling their on-screen avatar with the left stick for movement and the right for the direction of fire. The popularity of the genre is likely due to the instantly familiar control scheme, combined with the thrilling, addictive nature of clearing wave after wave of single-minded enemies looking to cause your demise.

Xeno Crisis is – as you may have guessed – a twin-stick shooter. A loving homage to 16-bit games such as Robotron’s spiritual successor, Smash TV, it has a wonderful pixel art style and a superb soundtrack. It’s also – befitting the era it’s inspired by – tough as nails.

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