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Some people don’t like to pick out a starter Pokémon until they know dang well what they’re in for further down the evolutionary line. Well, you don’t have to wait any longer – a big (and entirely expected) leak happened less than two weeks before Sword and Shield launch on Nintendo Switch.
If you care to spoil the newcomers, the starter evolutions, the regional variants, and even the entire Galar Pokédex, you can do exactly that, though I’d advise caution before you go wild. I saw too much.
That said, I now know my starter selection. I’m glad I took a peek at those specific spoilers.
I originally leaned toward Sobble, the Water-type starter, when Sword and Shield were first getting underway. With only one exception – Popplio – I’ve never strayed from that course, so it felt right. Having now seen what the timid lizard grows into, I’m doubling down on my gut reaction. It’s done.
What are you thinking, though? Sobble, Scorbunny, or Grookey?
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