Steam Client Update Released | Steam

A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.


  • Fixed library view failing to fully re-render when changing views for some users without GPU accelerated web views or on Windows 7
  • Fixed Steam causing Windows 10 volume slider overlay and capturing media keys
  • Fixed web rendering not pausing on Windows when Steam client is minimized or closed

Steam Library

  • Hidden achievements will no longer be shown on an game’s activity feed if you have not already unlocked that achievement
  • Fixed dragging apps from the Library home page to the collections page
  • Improved performance for games with a large number of screenshots saved
  • Updated Post Game Summary to be dismissible
  • Put black bars over spoiler-tagged images in the activity feed and community.


  • Fixed library intermittently not displaying due to Steam Helper crash
  • Fixed Steam usage of Chromium Safe Storage key if present in the user keychain

Steam Input

  • Fixed an issue when converting controller configurations to PS3 controllers from other controller types
  • Fixed a bug that could cause some configurations with action set layers to appear blank.


  • Fixed chat window not displaying in Big Picture VR

Big Picture:

  • Fixed chat window not displaying with some UI scaling settings

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