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jpg Wot I Think: Abandon Ship | Rock Paper Shotgun

I cruised through dozens of fights before disaster struck. A scuffle with a cultist saw my ship scuttled, thanks to me forgetting to man the water pumps. A foolish oversight, but I’d at least had the foresight to buy a lifeboat, which saved me and my crew from a quick and merciful death. The days dragged in that tiny boat, as we drifted in diminishing hope of rescue. We sang songs. We rowed. We swapped stories, and then blows.

Eventually, the others tried to eat me. I leapt overboard, and found myself adrift again – this time alone. It took several more days for some sailors to find me, on the cusp of starvation. I’d survived, but with such a setback that I felt compelled to load a save.

It says a lot that by far the most interesting thing that happened to me in Abandon Ship still had such a limp conclusion. Longform FTL with pirates, alas, isn’t nearly as good as it sounds.


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