Kickstarter Cancelled For Vertebreaker, The Retro Platformer From Sonic Mania Devs | Nintendo Life

Update: Campaign is Vertebroken.

Update: In an update on the kickstarter page, Headcannon developer Stealth, (real name Simon Thomley) has confirmed that the crowd funding campaign for Vertebreaker has been cancelled after one week. Calling the campaign a “spectacular failure”, he has outlined the problems in the video below.

The developer states that after one week the 16-bit style game raised only 5% of its goal, with momentum dropping to almost nothing. He also goes into detail about his personal circumstances following the success of Sonic Mania, a Darkwing Duck remaster prototype he was working on and how this led to a rushed Vertebreaker campaign. Despite the huge success of Sonic Mania, Thomley as a contractor doesn’t see continued sales royalties and he discusses the incorrect perception that he must be wealthy following his involvement with that game.

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