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Capcom has had a pretty fantastic 2019. The Resident Evil 2 remake and Devil May Cry 5 are both game of the year contenders. Monster Hunter: World got an excellent expansion in Iceborne. Even Teppen, a free-to-play CCG with heroes across Capcom’s many properties, is an up-and-comer that’s decently popular.
As part of its new financial report, Capcom has quantified these successes. Leading the way is Resident Evil 2 remake which now sits at 4.7 million sales. That’s right on the heels of the original Resident Evil 2 which has plateaued at 4.96 million sales. The remake is still trending in the right direction after it got out to a hot start and shipped three million copies in the first four days. With Black Friday and end-of-the-year sales coming up, it’s a safe bet that the remake will dethrone the original by the time of the next report.
Also noteworthy is Iceborne weighing in at 2.8 million sales in less than a month. (Iceborne released in early September and these rankings cut off at the end of September.) Success is inevitable considering that Monster Hunter: World is Capcom’s best-selling game ever by a large margin, coming in at 14.1 million sales.
Of 2019’s heavy hitters, Devil May Cry 5 fared the worst with 2.7 million sales to date — although that’s still impressive. These rankings also introduce three other members into Capcom’s prestigious platinum club. Mega Man 11, Okami HD, and Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection all broke the one million lifetime sales barrier.
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