Priceless Play – 9 November 2019 | Rock Paper Shotgun

jpg Priceless Play – 9 November 2019 | Rock Paper Shotgun
I’ve been thinking a lot about “weird games” lately. When folks call things weird it seems to be a shortcut for saying, “this is different from what I usually experience, and was, therefore, unexpected.” Sometimes it is dismissive, sometimes it is contentious, sometimes ‘weird’ is worn as a badge of honour.

In a past life, I considered myself an art historian (this is because I got a master’s degree in art history, so I guess we could say that past life is this life, but let’s not make it weird) and my favourite works were always the ones that seemed to make other people uncomfortable or got dismissed as “not art, surely.” I don’t say this to be smugly contrarian, revelling in how singularly unique and misunderstood I am (Todd Phillips: call me), but to give a bit of background into my understanding of what tends to get classified as “weird.” Suffice to say, my parents hate going to art museums with me.

I promise not to talk to you about Carolee Schneemann or Sherree Rose, but I will recommend some games on for you.



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