The Best Games of 2019 (Didn’t Do Anything New) | IGN

Ray tracing, haptic feedback, social strands, surprise mechanics, 8k resolution, “play as anyone”, adaptive triggers, games-as-service, advanced processing units… it never ends with the buzzwords, jfc.

Now, I know we’re supposed to be excited about all this new technology and all these new way to play games, and I’m as likely as the next guy to pre-order a PS5 and/or Xbox… Two? Good-looking games are better than the alternative, no one is arguing that.

Yeah, no thanks

AND YET! Is any of this crap going to make games more fun? Did playing Borderlands 2 in VR make it more enjoyable, or did it make you motion-sick? The Fornite Black Hole event was novel, sure, but Is Season 2 of Fortnite doing anything that “Season 1” wasn’t already doing? Did turning Fallout into a weird MMO social experiment make it more fun than a regular-ass Fallout game would have been?

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