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When I recently drafted up an interview for the director of the new Bubble Bobble 4 Friends release for Switch, I was filled with hope. Bubble Bobble was one of my favorite games growing up, and there was more than one reason to believe it was poised for a comeback.
Not only was it getting a new game (which admittedly didn’t look all that “new”), but in some circles, there was even a bit of Smash Bros. buzz. After rumors hit that Smash Ultimate would be getting SNK representation on the roster, speculation around the potential for Bub and Bob – the stars of Bubble Bobble – making it to the big battle was beginning to bloom. While they aren’t owned by SNK, they are unquestionably icons of the Neo Geo brand, with many of the Bust-A-Move games being exclusive to the console. It was a bit of stretch to think that these two bubble-blowing dragons were the rumored entrants to Nintendo’s crossover sensation, but stranger things have certainly happened. Three season’s worth, in fact. 
When I asked Tsuyoshi Tozak, the director of the upcoming Bubble and Bobble 4 Friends, if Bub and Bob might make it to Smash, their only response was “Let’s skip that question.” The last time I got a “no comment” like this from a developer, it was when I asked the creators of Cuphead if they might ever make a traditional animated show about their characters. A month later, the Cuphead cartoon for Netflix was announced. So take that how you will. 
What I do know for sure is that if I ever need advice on doing my nails, Tozak-san is the first person I’m calling, though with my luck, they’ll probably ask to skip that question too. 

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