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If you’ve been waiting to pick up one of those Arcade1Up Arcade Cabinet machines for Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, Walmart has now added two additional bundle to their offering for this holiday season and they are discounted as much as $100 off. In fact, they’ve upped the ante after Black Friday and have reduced two additional machines for another $50 off.
For the Star Wars arcade cabinet with the riser bundle (this brings the machine higher off the ground to work better with typical bar stools), the machine is discounted by $100 off to $399. These machines are at four feet and the riser adds another foot to the machine. The four player Teenage Mutant arcade includes the game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Turtles In Time for $349 while the Star Wars arcade features the 1983 Atari Star Wars game.
Other popular machine such as the Marvel Super Heroes runs for $249 while the Mortal Kombat machine is currently going for $229 – both of these includes 3 games in one package, making them decent values. The cheaper machines are priced at $149.99, and this includes the Final Fight, Asteroids, and Galaga machines. The Final Fight machine was priced at $199 during Black Friday and is now $50 cheaper, while the Asteroids machine was priced at $169 and dropped by another $20.
Arcade1Up Cyber Monday Deals with Riser Bundle
Arcade1Up: Star Wars Arcade Cabinet Machine + Riser — $399.99  (list price $500)
Arcade1Up: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade Cabinet Machine + Riser — $349  (list price $400) <- 2 games
Popular Arcade1Up Arcade Cabinets
Arcade1Up: Marvel Superheroes Arcade Cabinet Machine (4 ft.) — $249.98  (list price $300) <- 3 games
Arcade1Up: Mortal Kombat Arcade Cabinet Machine (4 ft.) — $229  (list price $300) <- 3 games
Arcade1Up: Street Fighter 2 Arcade Cabinet Machine (4 ft.) — $199.99  (list price $299) <- 3 games, another $50 price drop
Lowered Price Arcade1Up Deals for Cyber Monday
Arcade1Up: Final Fight Arcade Cabinet Machine (4 ft.) — $149  (list price $299) <- 4 games
Arcade1Up: Asteroids Arcade Cabinet Machine (4 ft.) — $149.99  (list price $299) <- 4 games
Arcade1Up Galaga Arcade Cabinet Machine (4ft) — $149.99  (list price $299) <- 2 games
While all the deals above are pointing to Walmart, other retailers that we know which may have Black Friday deals on these Arcade1Up “cabinets” includes Costco and Best Buy. Initially more of a novelty giving these are scaled replicas, these machines have been gaining traction and a following, and apparently they are now being produced with better display panels and controls along with pre-installed protective cover for the control areas.
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