Poll: After 24 Hours, How Are You Getting On With Pokémon HOME? | Nintendo Life

Great Oak or below-par Bonsly.

It’s been 24-ish hours since The Pokémon Company’s latest Pokémon storage app Pokémon HOME launched and Poké Trainers all over the world have been digging in and experimenting with the new solution to all your Pocket Monster trade and storage needs. The software comes in the form of a pair of companion apps across Switch and mobile devices, and you’ll need both – plus a paid subscription – to access the full suite of available features.

We’ve been playing around with it and putting together a Pokémon HOME guide for new users that hopefully answers a lot of questions, but we’re interested in finding out about your experiences. We’ve had some teething connection issues with trading and the app has already been updated with a patch to squash some bugs.

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