Round Up: The Sonic Movie Reviews Are In, And They Don’t Make For Pretty Reading | Nintendo Life

“It was a terrible idea from the start”.

After a campaign to change the way the lead character looked and a short delay in its release, we’re finally getting to see what the much-hyped Sonic the Hedgehog movie is like. Based on Sega’s long-running series of video games which have spanned the past few decades (not to mention a wide range of gaming systems), the film stars James Marsden, Ben Schwartz and a rather frantic Jim Carrey, and is helmed by Jeff Fowler, a visual effects specialist who is making his directorial debut with this outing.

With a rumoured budget of around $95 million and the expectation of the Sonic fanbase behind it (don’t annoy those guys, trust us), does Sonic break the curse of poor video game-based movies? Well, from the early reviews, it would seem the answer is a resounding ‘no’.

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