This Animal Crossing Chrome Extension Plays Real-Time Game Music Throughout Your Day | Nintendo Life

Prepare for New Horizons with a musical treat.

With just 36 days to go until Animal Crossing: New Horizons arrives (yes, we just so happen to be counting down the exact number of days – so what?), it’s hard to avoid getting dangerously hyped for the big day. To calm your excitement – or perhaps to make it worse – you should check out this cool little Google Chrome extension.

This unofficial project plays background music from the franchise in real-time throughout your day – yes, it even takes into account your local weather to play appropriate tunes to suit your conditions. You can listen to K.K. Slider perform his wonderful hits – either 24/7 or restricted to Saturday afternoon performances – and you can even compose your own Town Tune and have it play on the hour, every hour.

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