We’re officially in the longest Nintendo Direct drought in history | Destructoid

The last Nintendo Direct happened back in September of 2019, and it was pretty killer.
We got an announcement for a Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE port, more Star Wars games on Switch, a Xenoblade Chronicles remaster confirmation, and the addition of SNES games to Switch Online. It had a little something for everyone, but maybe it was a little too spicy.
We haven’t had one since, which is unusual. Directs generally happen with a three month cadence, sometimes more frequently than that. From 2012 on there were sometimes upwards of six Directs a year, before the schedule slows down considerably in 2018 with just four (and one of those was a “Mini” Direct). 2019 had that same count, but it looks like 2020 might be going for even less.

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