Streets of Rage 4 video looks at Lizardcube’s faithful visual recreation | Destructoid

I don’t know how much longer I can wait for Streets of Rage 4, and each and every video out of the brawler’s development team just gets me antsier for a release date. Still, until Axel and chums are ready to clean up the city once again, we can at least enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at Lizardcube, the developer responsible for bringing that classic SoR look into a new generation.The video, which features Lizardcube’s Art & Creative Director Ben Fiquet and Background Artist Julian Nguyen You, shows how the visual team understands the importance of the classic Streets of Rage “vibe” – from the grimy streets and neon underground clubs, to the stylish character designs and simple-but-impactful animations.As with all other elements of this anticipated sequel, Lizardcube are hoping that their unique visual stylish captures the aesthetic expected of the original games, while injecting their own slick and gorgeous art style, much as the team did before in the outstanding Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap.

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