Devil May Cry 3 continues its reign as the best Devil May Cry to date on Switch | Destructoid

Devil May Cry 3 is a classic that is only rivaled by the most recent entry and a few other heavy-hitting action projects like both Bayonettas and Ninja Gaiden Black. It’s a game that demands respect despite the fact that it’s over 15 years old. The thing is, I was afraid Capcom would rush it to the eShop and ruin its re-introduction to a whole new audience, kind of like how they did with the polarizing HD Collections and the first two over-priced Switch ports.
Thanks to some actual new and impactful additions, that’s not the case. But it also clearly cements the expectation that Capcom should be putting forth the same amount of effort for other ports if they’re going to be charging so much for them.

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