Feature: Super Mario Galaxy 2 – 10 Years Of Nintendo’s Straightest, Greatest Sequel | Nintendo Life

So much more than Wii DLC.

Nintendo doesn’t make straight sequels.

That’s the received wisdom, anyway. Kyoto’s premier game designers need a really good reason—a jump in technology, or a novel new control input, for example—to warrant revisiting a franchise. They’re apparently not interested in churning out more of the same for mere profit. The company line is to “provide products and services that surprise and delight consumers”, and if they can’t think of a way to do that with a sequel, they don’t make one. That’s why fans still have to crack out their GameCubes to play the latest F-Zero, we guess. This approach to innovation is a good long-term business strategy which stops franchises going stale by bringing something fresh with each new instalment.

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