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Memorial Day might be on Monday, May 25 but many retailers have already kickstarted their Memorial Day Sale. This is one of the best times of year to score on gaming computers, laptops, and TVs. It’s not as big of an event for gaming, but that doesn’t stop some video game retailers from dishing out the best PS4, Xbox, and PC deals we’ve seen so far for 2020. Click on the table of contents below to skip to a particular vendor or just scroll down and browse away. There will be more deals added as we get closer to Memorial Day.

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Apple Memorial Day Sale

The Apple AirPods Pro is at the lowest price it’s ever been (lower than Black Friday). The newest Apple Watch, Apple iPad, and MacBook Pro 16″ are all on sale as well.

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Dell Memorial Day Sale

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The Dell Memorial Day Sale arguably has better deals than the Dell Black Friday Sale. There’s a 10% coupon code that works on most Alienware gaming PCs, and it stacks with the sizeable Memorial Day instant discounts that have already gone live on the site.

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HP Memorial Day Sale

HP is the other big name in the PC industry. Their top of the line OMEN gaming PCs are no slouches; they feature premium construction, an excellent design (especially if you like red and black), and premium components. There are currently 5% and 10% off coupon codes that work most of the OMEN PCs, which sweetens the deal.

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More Laptop Memorial Day Deals

Want more brand options? There are some more great deals on Razer Blade, Origin PC EVO, and Lenovo Legion laptops as well.

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PS4 Memorial Day Sale

Make sure you snag the PS Plus deal at 42% off.

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Xbox One Memorial Day Sale

The Cyberpunk controller is only discounted at Adorama. Like all Xbox One controllers, this one is going to be compatible with the upcoming Xbox Series X.

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Nintendo Switch Memorial Day Sale

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TV Memorial Day Sale

It’s not a Memorial Day Sale without TV deals. Right now Dell is offering low prices on several LG, Sony, and Vizio TVs.  These prices match the best you’ll find anywhere else, but in addition you get a bonus gift card that you can spend on anything at Dell’s site.

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Epic Game Store Memorial Day Sale

Epic’s sale is, for lack of a better word, epic. Not only do you get the outstanding Civ 6 game for free, you get $10 off $15 on any number of games. This deal is hard to beat.

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Humble Memorial Day Sale

Humble has great deals on a number of games, but the best deal is definitely the Humble Choice bundle. For only $15 you can get XCOM 2 and Jurassic World: Evolution as well as 10% off all your Humble purchases for the rest of May.

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Mattress Memorial Day Deals

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Memorial Day Deals on Subscriptions and Services

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Nothing’s better than signing up for a great service for free (or close to it). These subscriptions will offer you plenty of enjoyment while you’re holed up at home.

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Streaming Service Free Trials

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Online Learning Courses from Stack Social

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