Unreleased ’90s arcade Clockwork Aquario to see the light of day this year | Destructoid

The type of gaming news that keeps my heart pumpin’, Strictly Limited and ININ Games have announced that they have acquired Clockwork Aquario – a ’90s arcade game that never actually saw launch – with intentions of releasing the lost title on modern platforms, some 27 years after it was seemingly vaulted forever.Designed by Wonder Boy developer Westone Bit Entertainment, Clockwork Aquario, (or Tokeijikake no Aquario in its original Japanese form), is a colourful co-op platformer that was expected to push the Sega System 18 arcade hardware to its absolute limit. Originally scheduled for release in 1992, the game was abandoned on the brink of completion over concerns that its old-school 2D gameplay was too dated for the advancing arcade market.

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