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The game the fans asked for.

Xenoblade Chronicles is 10 years old today, so we thought it a perfect time to republish this personal account from our Games of the Decade series back in January. We recently revisited the game with the excellent Definitive Edition on Switch, of course, but here Mitch discusses his experience with the original version, one of the Wii’s final big releases…

The year was 2011. After a long and successful run, Nintendo’s Wii console was finally winding down and fans turned their hopeful eyes to the horizon, just over which rested a promising new platform called the Wii U. Nintendo’s E3 2011 presentation received plenty of hype due to the unveiling of the new hardware, but the company also had millions of fans to please that still weren’t quite ready to retire their Wii consoles yet. They, of course, had Zelda: Skyward Sword to look forward to in the fall, but aside from that and Kirby’s Return to Dream Land, the Wii’s upcoming lineup was looking rather disappointing considering that third-party support had all but vanished and Nintendo itself was clearly moving on. Nintendo fans in Europe, however, had one more notable release to look forward to that would be coming later that summer: Xenoblade Chronicles.

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