Review: Blair Witch – A Decent Horror Romp That Doesn’t Quite Live Up To Its Tantalising Premise | Nintendo Life

The Blair Switch Project.

1999’s The Blair Witch Project was something of a milestone in modern cinema history. An independent, low budget hit that made mega-profits at the box office, it was the first truly successful “found footage” movie (although not “the” first) as well as the first to cleverly employ the internet in a viral marketing campaign that sewed confusion as to whether the events portrayed onscreen were in fact real. It was a slickly-devised slice of fiction with a terrifying setup and devastating pay-off, one that should have been fertile ground for solid follow-ups. However, subsequent movies in the franchise, including a woeful recent reboot, failed miserably to make good on this promise.

Fast forward to 2019 and Polish developer Bloober Team, the developers behind the excellent Layers of Fear series, has made a reasonable stab at a video game spin-off here with a first-person psychological horror effort that has a handful of clever ideas up its sleeve and tells a pretty effective story, even if it never really manages to bring any big scares or indeed to make the most of that strong source material.

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