Air Master – Episode 18 – Cosplay! Shigeo Komata | Crunchyroll

A cosplaying man named Shigeo Komata, his clothes are ragged and he has a crew cut like someone out of a video game. Though he based his attacks on a video game character, his power is not to be taken lightly! For this reason, he is number six in the Fukamichi Ranking. Maki definitely sees that he’s not someone who will be beaten if she doesn’t give 100%. At the same time, Kinjiro Kitaeda is fighting the 10th ranked fighter upon Fukamichi’s instructions. He’s being swiftly punched by his nimble opponent, but he responds with “There’s no soul in your punches” and knocks him out in one blow. Fukamichi watches this all happen and even sees Yashiki, the 8th ranked fighter who can use the osmosis attack, be quickly overcome. We have a new rival here, folks! Meanwhile, Maki is reluctantly going to have her rematch with Shigeo. She is thinking up a special attack to finally beat him while watching a movie with Mina. A move to beat an opponent in one split second… Maki has an idea!
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