Air Master – Episode 19 – Lurk in the Shadows! Koji Ogata | Crunchyroll

Maki and Kai will have real Fukamichi Ranking battles. Fukamichi gives them both locators to find the other person, to be worn on their wrists. Though it’s an incredible device to help you locate your opponent, Maki can’t figure out how to work it at all! Fukamichi is amazed how dull she is besides for her fighting skills. Though she can’t figure it out, she ends up in a dilapidated building. The locator shows her opponent is close by and then he shows up! His name is Koji Ogata. He’s dressed oddly and his unusual movements confuse Maki. His attack style is Ninjutsu! Maki can’t figure out his attacks and his being hit over and over. Fukamichi sees this and says, “For Maki Aikawa, it’s only a matter of time.” Like he’s signaling the final blow, Ogata sends out this shrill whistle sound. Maki continues to be hit. Then, Ogata begins to look like multiple people! Is that possible?! Maki’s in trouble!
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