Air Master – Episode 21 – Make Him Talk! Fukamichi (Little Brother) | Crunchyroll

The man who appeared in front of Julietta was the younger brother of the ringleader of the Ranking’s younger brother, Fukamichi. Nobuhiko challenges Julietta to a fight. He thought Julietta Sakamoto would be unable to fight and he mistakenly feels happy. Fukamichi watches the fight on the monitor excitedly, with bated breath. He then sees his brother get knocked out and his head stuck into the ceiling. The fight ended while he was still introducing himself. Then, Kinjiro, whose left arm was destroyed in the fight against Kai, stumbles into a clinic. He says crazy things to the doctor like, “please reset the bone now,” and “just make it so I can throw five more punches.” His requests ignored and being told to be admitted in the hospital, Kinjiro leaves in search of another doctor. Just then, he meets a girl nurse named Shizuna. She tells him to come with her because she can fix his arm and then leads him into a strange basement. Kin-chan feels like something strange is about to happen to him!
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