Air Master – Episode 7 – I Won’t Let Me Say That Again!! | Crunchyroll

Maki challenges Julietta to a fight. The appointed time is three o’clock and that’s when she wakes up. “I overslept!” said Maki. However, the man who arrived at the appointed place on time was Maki’s father, “Shiro Saeki”. Without Maki’s presence, Shiro challenges Julietta to a fight, but to Julietta, Shiro was not the one he was eagerly waiting for. Julietta begins to plant a sequence of kicks that were filled with fury. As Maki proceeds as quickly as possible to the appointed place, she is stopped on route and challenged to another fight by a girl named Miori Saeki. The girl is in fact Maki’s half-sister who has a similar passion for battle. Maki, who is seriously in a hurry, arrives at the appointed place by quickly throwing off Miori. Miori then follow Maki to the appointed place to witness the unexpected defeat of their father. Finally, the full-out battle of Maki and Julietta begins!
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