Air Master – Episode 8 – Resound! Mina Nakanotani | Crunchyroll

The beach! Maki, Mina, Yuu, Michiru, and Renge had come to hang out and sun bathe together. Of course, Mina and her unbelievable breasts stood out conspicuously to attract the attention of anyone who passed by.While at the beach, Renge decided to enter Mina in the beach queen contest without ever telling her. Mina, who is very large breasted and a natural for such a competition is also very shy and at first, refuses to participate. However, Maki encourages Mina to partake and she agrees and then becomes determined to win the contest.At the same time, another competition, “The Beach Wrestling Queen Tournament,” was being held at the same place. The tournament’s previous winner with consecutive victories is a fighter that uses aerial killing techniques who does not appear to be an amateur. While watching the event, Maki is approached by a woman named Shizuna who hands her a flashy mask to encourage her to become a participant. Furthermore, a woman who calls herself “Supermodel of the future,” who has already established a reputation for herself by fighting on shows, also appears to compete!
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