Air Master – Episode 9 – Go! Black Alliance of Justice and Sincerity | Crunchyroll

A group of high school students in their school uniforms came to Tokyo on a field trip. They call themselves the “Black Alliance of Justice and Sincerity”. While the Black Alliance enjoy fighting, they also have aspiration of becoming Japan’s number one fighting group. Immediately, they begin to challenge the students of the Tokyo area. To their surprise, the Tokyo students present little challenge and are defeated quite easily. Quickly gaining confidence, the Black Alliance begin to say that the people of Tokyo are weak. However, while still in Tokyo, the members of the Black Alliance noticed Mina Nakanotani, who is famous throughout Japan for having such a well-endowed figure. The members of Black Alliance are overjoyed and immediately start to dance wildly when seeing Mina in real life. Rudely, they push Mina’s companion , Maki, out of the way for an opportunity to have a picture taken with her. At the end of the photo shoot, the Black Alliances suddenly abduct Mina and run away from the scene. Renge, another companion of Mina begins to panic at what had just happened and turns to their other friend Maki, to apprise her of the situation. Maki is nowhere to be found!
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