Harmonix’s Fuser will let you remix ‘Call Me Maybe’ but you’d be a fool to remix a perfect song | Destructoid

Harmonix’s Fuser had had two discernible effects on me thus far. The one Harmonix is aiming for is me thinking “Wow, it’d be neat to hear some combination of these tracks mashed together.” The other is me thinking “I want to hear that song right now.” Am I listening to The Clash’s Combat Rock as I write this? Reader, you know I am.
Fuser looks to capture the summer festival experience (which, ironically, certainly isn’t happening this summer) by letting players remix parts of songs against one another. It seems like it’s driven by the very impressive tech of DropMix. However, unlike most of Harmonix’s most popular games, it won’t require any additional peripherals apart from a standard controller.
Today, alongside the announcement that Fuser pre-orders are live, Harmonix revealed some more tracks on the final setlist. This puts us at 34 out of 100-ish. Here’s the list thus far:

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