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Back in March, after a long standing string of rumors, the cat was out of the bag: Horizon Zero Dawn was coming to PC.
Sony says that the move came out of a desire to stay open to “new ideas of how to introduce more people to PlayStation,” and follows numerous attempts from other publishers to cross-pollinate their IP; like Nintendo throwing their hat into the mobile ring and Microsoft releasing select games on the Switch. It’s also great timing for Horizon in general, as the sequel was confirmed for PS5 recently.
As of today, we now know exactly when the PC port of the first game is coming though: August 7, priced at $59.99. At that time you’ll be able to dive into the Aloy’s adventure all over again (or for the first time if you’re not a PS4 person). The minimum and recommended specs seem to be finalized now, and it won’t take a mammoth of a rig to run it.
As a reminder, the “Complete Edition” moniker includes the Frozen Wilds expansion, as well as several other item and outfit packs.
Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition [Steam]

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