Review: Phoenotopia: Awakening – An Intelligently Crafted Metroidvania That Stands Out From The Crowd | Nintendo Life

Almost phoenomenal.

It takes some going to stand out among the Switch’s throng of superb Metroidvanias. When your competition includes the likes of Hollow Knight and Iconoclasts, you know it’s going to be a rough ride. But Phoenotopia: Awakening somehow manages to stand out, and it does so by being a little more… low key. That may sound a bit like a direct contradiction, but the more sedate, thoughtful pacing on offer here gives it a relaxed and cerebral feel that results in something truly important; an identity.

Based on a Newgrounds browser game, the adventures of young orphan Gale, on a quest to find out what happened to her home, take the form of a 2D action-adventure with a Zelda II-esque overworld map, a slick inventory system and plenty of secrets to find.

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