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For all its troubles, GameStop remains one of the best places to find deals on video games… provided you don’t mind buying used or refurbished. That’s not to say GameStop deals on new video games and hardware don’t exist, but if you want to maximize your savings, your best bet is to go with something pre-owned. GameStop often amplifies its deals on used games and hardware, and offers even better savings through its PowerUp Rewards program.

GameStop physical locations are still a great place to score bargains in-person, although 2020 has done its absolute best to ensure person-to-person interaction is next to impossible. The majority of video game deals at GameStop are applicable both in-store and online, though, so you don’t necessarily need to venture out to save.

GameStop also offers free shipping on orders over $35, which puts it on-par with its competitors. You also have the option to have your items shipped to your house or you can pick them up in person at your nearest location.

Best GameStop PlayStation Deals

The PS4, in spite of it being almost at the end of its lifecycle, is still sold out almost everywhere you look. Both the Slim and PS4 Pro consoles are nowhere to be found, a combination of 2020 supply chain issues and the upcoming release of the PS5. But while you can’t get your hands on a new PS4 or PS4 Pro at most places, GameStop almost always has used or refurbished models for sale.

Checking GameStop’s website will let you know if your nearest location has any for sale, so you don’t need to take your chances. GameStop will almost certainly start offering PS5 at a reduced price once they begin to trickle back into its system, but don’t count on that for a while. Still, if you’re after PlayStation deals, and don’t mind a used or refurb model, GameStop is second to none.

The deals below are on new games and hardware, but you can easily find links to used consoles at the GameStop website.

If you’re looking for more chances to save on PlayStation, check out our guide to all the best PS4 deals.

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Best GameStop Nintendo Switch Deals

Nintendo Switch is, in case you didn’t notice, massively popular. Nintendo doesn’t have any (announced) plans to replace it with something like a 4K Switch for the time being, and why would they? The thing practically sells itself. As such, it’s extremely hard to find, but GameStop will often have used consoles available for purchase. But even used and refurb Nintendo Switch consoles are hard to come by.

With its enormous popularity, the Nintendo Switch deals are pretty light, but often times GameStop will run custom bundles or have a limited-edition Nintendo Switch specific to GameStop. Keep checking back for deals when (and if) they come online.

Nintendo game deals, on the other hand, have defied expectations and actually exist now. I know, it’s hard to believe, but first-party Nintendo games routinely go on sale for less than MSRP, sometimes significantly less. Nintendo games earned a reputation for having immutable prices over the decades, but this generation Nintendo has decided to throw us all a bone and actually, meaningfully discount its own games pretty regularly.

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Best GameStop Xbox Deals

Things are starting to look up for Microsoft with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, but the Xbox One line of consoles never reached the heights of its previous generation. However, in spite of its also-ran status for this generation, the Xbox One is still a great console with a fantastic library of games. And in spite of it being the runner-up to Sony, Xbox One consoles are still extremely difficult to find right now.

In fact, Microsoft said it’s no longer making the Xbox One X, its 4K Xbox One model. Production will continue on the Xbox One S, but when the next-gen Xbox comes out, I don’t imagine that will last very long. Why buy an Xbox One S when you could get a more powerful console for the same price?

Due to limited supply, Xbox console deals are not easy to come by, but again, GameStop has deals on used hardware. The real savings on Xbox comes by way of games and subscriptions. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, even when it’s not on sale, is far and away the best value in gaming. It offers access to over 100 games and Xbox Live Gold membership all for one price.

For the lowest Xbox prices, check out our guide to all the best Xbox deals.

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PS5 and Xbox Series X Preorders at GameStop

If you’re wondering: yes, GameStop will have the new consoles available for preorder. We know Xbox Series X preorders will be available beginning September 22, although we don’t know what time yet. The Xbox Series X will be $499 and the Xbox Series S will be $299. Both Xbox consoles release on November 10, 2020.

We don’t have price or know when PS5 preorders go live, but that info will be known soon… hopefully. In any case, both PS5 versions will be available to preorder from GameStop

Is GameStop PowerUp Rewards Worth It?

Yeah, actually. While GameStop offers free shipping on orders over $35, signing up for a PowerUp Rewards Pro account starts at $14.99 and gets you quite a few cost-saving benefits. Pro members get a $5 monthly reward certificate, as well as a $5 welcome just for signing up. You also get an extra 10% credit when you trade in games and hardware, as well as “Pro-only offers” to savings and events. If you’re the type of person who trades your games back in when you’re done with them, this is a great way to maximize your savings.

Pro members also get double the points earned as non-Pro members. As someone who shopped GameStop frequently (until my local store closed, RIP), those points came in handy and accumulated quickly. I used them to add even bigger discounts, renew my subscription to PowerUp Pro, and even got a sweet hat, back when they offered sweet hats.
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