2021’s ‘Sonic Anniversary Collection’ consists of ‘toys, apparel and more’ | Destructoid

So it’s come to this. The 30th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog.
The little blue blur that could survived multiple console generations, several ill-fated franchise spinoffs and the collapse of Sega’s console empire. He can survive anything. That’s why the indomitable mascot is appearing in the “30th Anniversary Collection for Sonic the Hedgehog” initiative, which is confusingly, not strictly a “collection game.”
This week, Sega revealed the campaign title, which will consist of “toys, apparel and more” in 2021: with some products hitting stores in December. Funko figures are mentioned by name, as is the “Encyclo-Speed-Ia” book (a retrospective encyclopedia of the series from Dark Horse Comics) and jewelry from King Ice.
If you recall, there are “new Sonic¬†games” on the horizon for 2021 as well. It’s a pretty good year for Sonic¬†already, with a moderately successful film that has a greenlit sequel.

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