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The best crabs you’ll ever get.

We are witnessing the birth of a brand new genre, friends. We’ve had games based on movies, television shows, comics and even literature; here, though, is Fight Crab, the first game ever made based on an animated GIF. Yes! The popular GIF of a crab menacingly wielding a knife has been adapted into a full-scale Switch title. What’s next? That sloth in the hammock with pixel-art shades descending onto its face getting a full-scale RPG? The next Star Wars game covering the adventures of that one Stormtrooper pelvic-thrusting his way through some sort of visual novel? The sky’s the limit, folks. But it’s all for nothing if Fight Crab doesn’t live up to its source material.

The premise screams “meme game” pretty loudly; taking control of a crustacean of your choice from a selection of snippy sealife, you go into pitched battle with an opposing decapod in an attempt to (usually) flip them onto their back. Damage is measured with a Super Smash Bros.-like percentage gauge, and the higher it goes the easier it is to knock over your enemy. You’re not just limited to your claws, though; just like in the GIF, you can wield (or dual-wield!) knives, but also a selection of other weapons. Nunchaku, tonfa, even a revolver. Our initial sighting of a crab wielding said handgun, we’re not ashamed to admit, had us laughing so hard we had to pause the game.

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