American Girl’s Courtney doll is a rocking ’80s Pac-Man pro | Destructoid

Premium doll company American Girl has revealed a new arcade game-lovin’ gal as part of its “Historical Characters” range. Courtney Moore is described as a “total ’80s girl” who grew up in the sun-soaked streets of California’s beautiful San Fernando Valley. Not only that, but she’s like, totally the best at Pac-Man… Fer sure!Standing 18 inches in height, Courtney is rockin’ a slew of ’80s fashion staples such as a side-ponytail, a stone-washed denim skirt, a rainbow Walkman, and neon-coloured bangles, bum-bag and hair scrunchie. American Girl are also taking pre-orders on a fully-working, doll-sized Pac-Man cabinet, so Courtney can take on that Mitchell kid everyone’s talking about down at the mall. Gag me with a spoon.

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